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good bandom Icons
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high quality bandom icons

welcome to good_bandom

This is an elite bandom icon community with closed membership.

You are very welcome to add this community so you won't miss any post.
General Information

Bandom basically consists of bands who can be linked to Pete Wentz in a maximum of three steps. That means bands which are signed at his lable Decadydance (like Panic! At The Disco), which are signed at Fueled By Ramen (like The Academy Is...) or which went on Tour with Fall Out Boy (like My Chemical Romance).
If you are looking for high quality icons of bands that belong to one of the groups mentioned this is the right place for you.

Basically, this community was founded because it's really hard to find nice, good quality icons when you are new to bandom, since not a lot of iconmakers are a part of bandom. So, if you´re looking for good, high quality bandom icons, this is the place where you find them.


1. Membership is closed so please do NOT join this community.
2. Posts in this community MUST contain icons that have to do with bandom. If you do not follow this rule your post will be deleted by one of the mods.
3. When you post icons make sure you post up to 4 teaser icons and then a LJ-Cut (fake cuts back to your icons journal are allowed of course). Please make sure your teaser icons are on topic, this means NO movie, tv-show, actor,... icons, but bandom icons.
4. NO DRAMA. No bashing other peoples´ pairings, bands or whatever.
5. When taking icons please remember to respect the rules of the maker. When they ask for credit, credit! It's only fair, since people put a lot of time and work in making these icons.
6. Community-promotion is allowed, as long as you have icons in your post as well.
7. Posting other graphics is fine, but please use a LJ-cut for any graphics bigger than 300x300px and again make sure they are on-topic.

Mods and Affiliates

Your lovely mods are:
fly_meaway, no_delusion and sheepy_hollow.

If you want to become an affiliate please comment here.
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